Business overview


Business overview


    We will commercialize a new payment system based on the blockchain. We are making efforts to make it easy to access for those who are new to the blockchain. We support production from.


    TOKEN production based on ETHEREUM/EOS to main net. Development .

  • WEB

    WEB linked with the blockchain is underway. Through the developed WEB, accessibility is enhanced so that users can use it more easily and conveniently.

  • Business

    We will find a business model based on the blockchain and develop or support it continuously. We are making efforts to expand the commercialization scope of the blockchain by researching and developing sustainable business models with the blockchain.

  • Education

    In order to expand the base of the blockchain and improve the perception, we run a blockchain school through open lectures or regular meetings. We are planning programs that are easily accessible to everyone, not difficult terms..


    We send out the news of the blockchain as well as the company news. Even if you do not look at or calculate it concretely, we are trying to improve the accessibility of information by conveying the weekly blockchain news and trends of various coins. .

Where dreams become reality.

PAYANPAY is always working with a progressive and challenging mind for business.
Based on honesty and trust, we strive to provide experiences and deep satisfaction that you have never experienced before. .

The way we work

We contribute to company development and the value of the blockchain.
PAYANPAY Asia contributes to company development and customer business success by fulfilling its responsibilities in doing business..
We work on the basis of trust based on honesty, the first spirit of the blockchain
PAYANPAY Asia is honest. Based on honesty, we provide customers with reasonable price and faithful ability.
Information sharing and communication are smooth
Due to smooth communication and active information sharing between workers, there is no fiasco in user communication, and we are progressing works with high efficiency.
horizontal structure
PAYANPAY Asia members have a horizontal and equal relationship with each other, and everyone expresses opinions and leads the Company. .

Business principles

We emphasize working deadline
Working deadline is one of the most important factors on which mutual trust is based.

We value trust and faith
The most important thing between human beings is trust and faith. We will give deep trust and faith to each user.
We aim at user centered services
We want to gather opinions and communicate with users so that we can proceed as much as users want.

We work with pride in our work
We have a sense of duty and pride as professionals and meticulously work with professional mind.


PAYANPAY complies with national standards and regulations.
We do not ignore existing regulations even though the blockchain is a new technology.
We put the highest priority to complying with local laws and regulations and obtain relevant qualifications through detailed examination.
In addition to this, we want to increase the accessibility and ease of use through the existing UI so that it is convenient for users to use.

  • 지불결제 시스템
    지불결제 시스템


    Compliance with payment laws means that it is fair and transparent, showing the reliability of the system. .

  • 자격요건


    We review everything from KYC of international standards to intellectual property rights in order to comply with the eligibility requirements. This will become a competitive advantage. Performance optimization.

  • 퍼포먼스 최적화
    퍼포먼스 최적화


    Users often do not know when there are changes to the computer system. Therefore, the more innovative the technology, the user's accessibility shall be better by absorbing the advantages of the existing UI..