[Notice - 19.07.05 Friday]
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ۼ 2019-07-05

Hello from TEAM EXVA.



1. Bitforex Notice


There was a suspension of transaction due to a request from Bitforex to fix the error and to check wallet because of the technical issue of transaction window of Bitforex. It was scheduled to resume transaction on July 5th, however, is postponed to July 27th for additional check-out and update and additional exchange listing schedule.

Thank you for understanding.



2. Additional exchange listing.


TEAM EXVA had partnership with Ssenbit, and listed from last January, however, recently Ssenbit has merged into Thorbit, we withdrew the listing according to mutual agreement. According to this, for the need of Korean Won Exchange and to expand user accessibility, we have decided to additionally list into Korean Won Exchange. Details of the exchange will be noticed afterwards through discussion with the exchange and the listing is scheduled in July.


3. Ssenbit(Thorbit) EXVA TOKEN(EVT) withdrawal notice

As Ssenbit merged with Thorbit, EVT you bought on Ssenbit can be withdrawn from Thorbit. To withdraw, leave an inquiry to Thorbit Customer Service center below via Email or kakaotalk Plus friend (search Thorbit), then Thorbit will withdraw after the verification of Personal Information.

Thorbit E-mail :


4. Temporary suspension of Customer Service.


Since there are events such as additional listing on July ~ August and airline payments, and additional cooperation with other corporates, Customer call center, E-mail, and 1:1 chat customer service will be suspended from July 10th to 12th. During the suspension, the customer calls will not be answered and inquiries left on e-mail and 1:1 chat will be checked replied from July 15th in order. Please excuse us and understand us for that.



5. 2019 Blockchain Summit  

TEAM EXVA has participated in last 2019 Blockchain Summit and introduced the project and had time of panel discussion. You can watch the related videos when you link the link below. Thank you for your attention.

Link for Blockchain Summit :

Link for hashnet interview :


We will keep try to be better and to communicate with users.

Thank you for your attention and advices.


Email inquiries











1. Ʈ  

Ʈ ŷâ ̽ Ʈ Ͽ Ʈ ûϿ ŷ Ǿ, 7 5 ٽ ŷ簳 Ǿ ־, ߰ Ʈ ߰ ŷ Ͽ 7 27Ϸ Ǿϴ. е Ź帳ϴ.



2. ߰ ŷ

TEAM EXVA 1 Ʈ Ʈʽ ΰ Ͽ ŷ ؿ, ֱ Ʈ 丣 պʿ ȣ Ǹ öȸ ֽϴ. ̿ ȭŷ ʿ伺 е ټ Ȯϱ Ͽ ߰ ȭŷҿ ϱ Ͽϴ. ش ŷҿ ŷ Ǹ Ͽ ϵ ϰ, 7 Ǿ ֽϴ.





Ʈ 丣 պʿ , Ʈ ϼ̴ EVT 丣 Ͽ Ͻø ˴ϴ. ϴ 丣 ̸ Ȥ īī ÷ ģ(丣 ˻) Ͻø 丣 Ȯ ص帮 ֽϴ.


丣 ̸ :



4. Ͻ ߴ

7~8 ߰ װ , Ÿ ü ߰ Ǿ ־, ȭ Ͽ ȭ ̸, 1:1ä 7 10Ϻ 7 12ϱ ߴܵ˴ϴ. Ⱓ ߿ ȭ ʰ, ̸ϰ 1:1äû ֽ Ǹ 7 15Ϻ ȮϿ 亯 帮 Ź帳ϴ.



5. 2019 ü


2019 ü Կ TEAMEXVA Ͽ, Ʈ Ұ г ð ϴ. ũ ŬϽø ȮϽ Ź帳ϴ.

ü ũ :

ó ͺ ũ :


ε ϴ TEAMEXVA ǰڽϴ. ε ɰ Ź帳ϴ. մϴ.











1. ӫëȫݫ쫯






2. ʥ߾





3. ӫë(ȫӫë)EXVATOKEN(EVT)



ȫӫëȫー :








5. 2019֫ëー・߫ë



֫ëー・߫ë : https:///

ϫëͫëȫ󫿫ӫー : https:///