[Notice - 19.07.29 Monday]
ۼ payanpay
ۼ 2019-07-29

Hello, Were TEAM EXVA.


1. Exchange Inquiries. After the listing of Coinzest, there are a lot of inquiries related to withdrawal. Currently, EXVA is selected and participating in Incubating project of Coinzest. That is for the industrial development of blockchain and activation of each project, so external deposit and withdrawal will resume after stable market price and trade volume are made. Bitforex which we suspended transaction due to technical issue of exchange, also continues to have multi-strategic discuss with us to secure stable trading volume and to form market price. Thus, trading resume schedule is delayed. Some of users are suspecting delisting, but we inform you that it is only delay with mutual discussion, not delisting. For stable transaction, we will resume transaction shortly with opinions from partners and users, so please understand us and we are sorry for your inconvenience.


2. Additional listing inquiries Additionally, discussion on listing with an exchange in 30th of coin market cap is ongoing, and we will inform about the schedule in mid-August.


3. Use place inquiries Regarding airline ticket payment, package deal starts in late August as said earlier. At the same time as open of airline ticket payment, we will post guidance video and material on how-to-use that many users find inconvenient. Mobility project such as vehicle purchase, gas, maintenance and parking with agreement with many projects linked, will also be announced after the opening of airline package deal.


4. Notice text Some users are not getting notice due to change of number or unregistered number, and check notice through open chatroom and homepage. For those who are not getting text messages, we will send notice in text when you send us name and contact number to


5. Others Only 1 Open chatroom of EXVA is operated in real-name and notice in that open chatroom is delivered by manager EXVA, so please be aware of that. Also, we are responding to inquiries in order, for those who could not contact due to jammed call inquiries. For users who still cant get to us or who did not get call back, please send your inquiries to and we will be in touch shortly.


EXVA will always aim for better. Thank you





1. ŷ Ʈ ݰ õ ǻ ϴ. EXVA Ʈ ť Ʈ Ǿ ϰ ֽϴ. ش ü Ʈ Ȱȭ , ŷ ܺ ˴ϴ. ̿ ߸߾ ŷ ̽ Ͽ ŷ ߴܵǾ Ʈ ŷ Ȯ ȣ Ǹ ϰ , ̿ ŷ簳 ϰ Ǿϴ. Ϻ Ͻô е ŵ, ȣ ǿ ƴ 帳ϴ. ŷ ؼ ǰ » Ե ǰ Ͽ ٽ ̿ Ͻô ֽñ ٶϴ.


2. ߰ ߰ θĸĸ ŷ 30 ̳ ŷҿ ǰ ̸ 8 ߼濡 ȳص帮ڽϴ.


3. ó װ Ͽ ռ ٿ 8 Ű ǸŰ ˴ϴ. װ ÿ е鲲 ϼ̴ ̿ ̵ ڷḦ ÿ ص帮ڽϴ. ߰ Ǿ ִ Ʈ , , , Ƽ Ʈ װ ǥϵ ϰڽϴ.


4. ȳ Ϻ е ȭȣ Ȥ ̵ Ͽ ϴ ־, ھȳ Ͻð ä̳ Ȩ ؼ ȮϽô е鲲 ԰ ó ֽø ڸ޽ε ϰڽϴ.


5. Ÿ ȳ EXVA ä Ǹ ̸ ش äÿ "EXVA"θ ǿ ñ ٶϴ. ȭǰ е ֽϴ. Ȥ ʰ е鲲 Ͻø ڼϰ ȳص帮ڽϴ.


ε ϴ TEAM EXVA ǵ ϰڽϴ. մϴ.