[Notice - 19.06.21 Friday]
ۼ payanpay
ۼ 2019-06-21

Greetings from TEAM EXVA.

We are glad to inform you about most frequent questions recently by multiple customers.


First : Information on BitForex exchange

We have been monitoring constantly since last June 13th 18:00 when transaction recommenced and found out that there has been a conclusion of an incapable transaction at incapable time and we have delivered the details to BitForex and asked for revision.


The exam showed that abnormal transaction was caused by technical error, and we decided to proceed security update to prevent recurrence and also an apology from BitForex. We will do our best to consistently monitoring each exchange listed to protect rights of users and secure security and transparency of transaction through continuous cooperation with exchanges.


Notice of BitForex :


Second : Information on Ssenbit and other new exchanges

We have had consultation on retaining the listing as Ssenbit has been integrated into Thorbit, and decided not to retain listing on Thorbit. We will proceed to avail withdrawal of EVT you deposited in Thorbit. Also, we are in progress of detailed listing consultation with 3 exchanges not. We will do our best to give you the good news soon.


Third: Information on EXVA TRAVEL

EXVA TRAVEL, which was activated from late 2017 to 2018 is now under restructure. Considering there was inconvenience for users such as choosing airline ticket, package purchasing in supported in demo version and BTC/ETH/EVT payment is also supported as well as general payment such as credit card/ Deposit without bank book. Demo will be launched from August 2019 to be available for users and we will keep update related news.


Fourth: Information on Small meet up

Like the last notice, we want to set up time and location to have a time to satisfy your curiosity and inform the roadmap of the company through small meet up in case more than 20 people apply. We will inform you in detail if you send your inquiries at


Fifth: 1:1 inquiries

Current open-chatroom is for notices for those who are not available for SMS messages. Other inquiries can be answered more fast and detailed through Email / 1:1 inquiry of Payanpay Asia on Kakao Plus friend.





Ե鲲 ֱٿ Ǹ ֽô κп Ͽ ȳ մϴ.


ù ° Ʈ ŷ ȳ

6 13 18:00 ŷ ĺ ŷ ͸ , ü ð, ü ŷ ü ߰ϰ, ش Ʈ Ȯ 䱸Ͽϴ.

Ȯ ̻ŷ ߻ ȮϿ, ̿ Ʈ Բ ߹ ̿ Ʈ ϱ Ͽϴ. ε ȣ Ͽ ϴ ŷҸ ͸ϰ ŷҿ Ͽ ŷ Ȯϴ ѷ ϰڽϴ.

"Ʈ Ȯ :"


° Ʈ ű ŷ ȳ

Ʈ Ǹ Ͽ, ̿ ʴ Ͽϴ. ̽ EVT ûϿ ó ֵ ϰڽϴ. 3 ŷҿ ü Ǹ ߿ ֽϴ. ҽ ˷帱 ֵ ּ ϰڽϴ.



2017 2018 ȰȭϿ EXVA TRAVEL ߿ ֽϴ. ٸ е鲲 װ ̴ Ͽ Ű Ÿ ϸ, ſī/Ա Ϲ ÿ BTC/ETH/EVT մϴ. 2019 8 Ͽ Ͻ ֵ ̸ ش Ʈϰڽϴ.


° ұԸ Ծ ȳ

20 ̻ ûϽ ҿ ð Ͽ ұԸ Ծ Ͽ е ñ ؼϰ, ȸ ε ϴ ð մϴ. Ǹ ֽø ȳ 帮ڽϴ.


ټ ° 1:1

ä SMS Ͻô е ǰ ֽϴ. Ÿ ڼ ǻ׿ ʿϽ е鲲 "̸" / "īī ÷ģ ̾̾ƽþ 1:1" ûϽø ڼϰ ȳ帮 ϰڽϴ.