제목 Invitation to In Soon Yi Tour Concert as VIP

Hello, We’re PAYANPAY.

For those who love PAYANPAY, we have a special present.

It’s In Soon Yi’s Tour Concert VIP Ticket!

It’s a special gift for PAYANPAY neighbors, s
o join the contest for moving story of self-esteem and

get your ticket!

“ There’s no woman without self-esteem in the world "

Please leave a comment about why you should see the concert to improve your self-esteem.
We’ll invite 10 people who wrote most moving story to the In Soon Yi’s 40 debut anniversary tour concert as VIP.

2018. 3. 31. SAT PM 6:00 Olympic park Olympic Hall, VIP seats.

Comment deadline: 2018. 03. 28,29. Only for 2 days.
Notice of Winning: 2018. 03. 30. 11:00 AM, individual notice.