제목 <Future Job Report> Season 6, sponsored by PAYANPAY, has started!

Hello, We’re payanpay.


we had pre-gathering of Future Job Report

which is a project sponsored by PAYANPAY
and hosted by Personal Branding Group MU.

Future Job Report, a project to prepare one’s future with 
reading 10 books.

Before we start, 
we had a time to introduce the way it will be proceeded
and to listen to the introduction and aspiration of participants.

Even  though the early time of 6:30 AM,
These amazing people showed up with 10 books to prepare their own future!

They told us their current job,
their aspirations and what they wish through Personal brand, one by one.

Many people from different fields such as psych-coaching expert,
7 years experienced accountant, HR consulting, job consulting, etc. have joined.

Since there are so many experts joined,
there would be a lot of ways to make synergy through the field ‘personal branding’

At Future Job Report season 6,
we’ll have time to find their identity
and decide the path they should pursue through personal brand.

At season 7,
they will have a time to find the way to create their own wealth based on season 6, so everyone’s waiting for it!

There will be huge benefits for 3 outstanding completers
- CEO Cho Yeon Sim’s consulting
- Thailand 3nights 4days airline ticket and lodging ticket
- Lowndree waste disposal
(They get to choose the prize from the first comer) 

Thailand 3night-4days airline ticket is sponsored by PAYANPAY,
for you who work hard for your future.

PAYANPAY supports your bright future!