제목 Reading and discussing together for the future <Future Job Report>

the second gathering of Future Job Report,
sponsored by PAYANPAY
and held by Personal Branding Group MU, was held.

This Future Job Report
proceeds with reading 10 books and finding out their own personal brand with the topic of Personal Brand.

decided to support 'Thailand 3nights 4days airline ticket and lodging ticket' to the outstanding completer of this Future Job Report.

We hope you  to participate and find your identity and  win the gift as well!

This gathering, we had a time to read <My competitiveness> by CEO Cho Yeon Sim
and discuss and learn the new insight. 

It is a must-read book to build foundation of branding if you want to make your own brand. 

We had a time to share different insights in the book <My competitiveness>

Such as
Why do Koreans mind others and show their color?
Who am I? what am I good at and what work makes me happy?
What problems do I face when building my own brand?
What is the 7 process of making personal brand?

It’s interesting that the phrases you connect are different according to your lifestyle and perspective of thoughts.

In that aspect,
Future Job Report gathering, which creates various insights during reading and discussing, is meaningful.

心-school Lee Ju Ah
said that she learned it’s important to persuade people about the field even if that field is not familiar for people
and be the only one rather than number one.

Writer Shin Sung Dae
said it’s important to question ourselves like why I am here, what I am good and when I am happy,
and basically find our goal and identity.

stressed out the importance of finding and sticking with the identity.

After commercialization of blockchain,

Repetitive works will be replaced by machines
and those who come up with interesting ideas will be the center of influence.
That is, people who try to have self-realization will have more opportunity.

PAYANPAY plans and supports projects which create various contents to help you to build data to identify yourself
and heighten your competitiveness

In that aspect, <My competitiveness> of Future Job Report becomes more and more meaningful.

PAYANPAY hopes and supports you to solidify your identity through Future Job Report with reading and discussions.