this is PAYANPAY ^^

Yesterday, June 26th,

EXVACOIN MEET UP IN KOREA was successfully ended

even in the pouring rain.
Meet up yesterday

was the first domestic meet up of Ryu Do Hyun, CEO of PAYANPAY

and 100 VIP attended.
It was a rich time of sharing news of transitioning blockchain system of EXVA COIN,

Airdrop and EXVA Travel and sharing vision about cryptocurrency commercialization.

Let’s get into the vivid site of the event!
First, Some Sevit where the event was held.


Let’s take a look at inside of the venue

We handed out PAYANPAY magazine as well.

Each chair had a number written down on it,
We’ll tell you what it is later~

Live broadcast is ready!

VIP guest attended and brighten the event!

The event started with joyful Nanta show

CEO Ryu Do Hyun of PAYANPAY,

briefing 2015-2018 present condition of the company with company Introduction video.

Message of congratulations by MU CEO Cho Yeon Sim, who conducted this event.

Now, CEO Ryu sharing news of Airdrop and EXVACOIN blockchain system transition in earnest.

Projects proceeded with MU and EXVA Travel video were also showed.

After that, a Q&A talk show to answer the questions from attendants was also proceeded.

Delicious dinner after all the programs.

Continued with beautiful celebration show.
The show was taken care by PARKSAL company, from casting to broadcasting.

Attendants enjoying the show with dinner.

And Surprise!
A time to deliver flower to CEO Ryu Do Hyun for receiving an award of

Korea New Creator in Cryptocurrency Commercialization section. 
Please congratulate together!

Do you remember the numbers written on chairs?
1~100 numbers were written on the chairs at the event with 100 guests
and we had giveaway event though draw with the numbers!

Various gifts were there such as Tablet, Samsung laptop, and Galaxy phone.

This event successfully ended with CEO Ryu’s speech of gratitude. 

After this, EXVA ETHEREUM MEET UP will be continued in USA, CHINA, JAPAN, and THAILAND.
Please look forward to coming meet up events in USA, China, Thailand and Japan,
We’ll keep up with sharing useful information.
Please support us.
Thank you.