제목 Hosted by PAYANPAY! <Cryptocurrency Real-life Invest School Open>

Hello. It’s PAYANPAY manager 😊

Last night,
new project 'Cryptocurrency Real-life Invest School' was held.

A time to look close on cryptocurrencies which are actually traded such as
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, BitcoinCash, Dash, Quantum, Monero, Zcash, etc.

It was a time to check which coin is safe and what vision and goal it has.

I think it was time for us to look really close in cryptocurrency real life investment.

The day online and offline lecture was simultaneously held!

The detailed explanation of CEO Ryu was given at the time.

Q. Simple introduction of PAYANPAY
- Hi, I’m CEO of PAYANPAY, Ryu Do Hyun, I work in development of blockchain e-commerce-payment system.

Q. When will it be actually used in payment?
- it will be proceeded in late March. Thai Travel (Hotel, Airline affiliates) will be conducted.

★ If you watch projects related to ‘payanpay’ (Cracking up blockchain, PAYANPAY magazine, Payanpay newsletter, Future Job Report Season 5,
    what’s up blockchain, etc.) you can learn many information.
Q. A way to check whitepaper? 
- if it’s not written with business plans, it can be difficult to precisely check it. However, you should check the technical part of how to apply it.

  On one hand, cryptocurrencies are moving over platform type.
Q. what to do for investing in cryptocurrency?
- Studying is the basic. (understanding of whitepaper and use of smartphone) and setting goal profit rate and long-term investment mind.

  It would be better to have a real diversified investment with small money like 100,000won for 3 months. 
Q. should I invest in cryptocurrencies with hot issues? Or look in the long term and invest in something else?
- check what business that cryptocurrency is doing.

★ Currently, there are no cryptocurrency that’s fully developed.
★ Bitcoin is the key currency among cryptocurrencies.
★ Misapprehension about wallet!
- For example, when making a bitcoin wallet, all the data is stored in bitcoin network. Only trade record is traded. Used only with authentication key.

★ In case of holding an 'ICO', giving out cryptocurrency is an error. The idea should be receiving token if it's not a fraud.