제목 Future Job Report 2nd time, ‘I’m the brand’ of Cho Yeon Sim

this is PAYANPAY, dreaming of commercialization of Cryptocurrency.

From 2 weeks earlier, Future Job Report Seoson6,
Personal Brand meeting which is sponsored by PAYANPAY and Lowndree was started.

For outstanding completers of this meeting, 
PAYANPAY decided to sponsor Thai 3nights 4days airline ticket and lodging ticket. 

The 2nd time,

We gathered after reading <I’m the brand> by CEO Cho Yeon Sim.

CEO Cho explained the Personal brand building equation 5T of I’m the brand.


To build personal brand,

Talent : find my talent
Training : train until the talent is tradable
Talk : need to be able to communicate 360 degrees through on/offline
Time : endure long long time
Timing : wait for your own time. 

In this book,

detailed things to do in each part are described
such as

finding your own talent through 3T and life mountain range,
hard training your talent like DaVinci,
carving your impression and communicating with charms
enduring time and wait for your time.

This gathering of Future Job Report ended with deciding
what to apply in their life based on the contents learned from the book.

Even though it was early in the morning,
with great book and great people,

everyone looks so bright and cheerful!

We hope you to make your own personal brand by applying personalbrand building equation 5T!

PAYANPAY supports your future.