제목 If you want to know precise information about blockchain, ‘Blockchain meet-up in Seoul’.

Blockchain grows fast with hot issues,

However, since it’s a new technology,
there’s a lot of victims of pyramid scheme, Illicit financial activities and fraud due to lack of information.

To prevent these harms and to make healthy blockchain ecosystem,

This event is meet up targeting CEOs,

and it’s about real-life examples of blockchain that’s applied in general industry,
helping difficulties of CEOs rather than advertising specific coin.

if you are curious about blockchain but can't find right information,
you should not miss this blockchain Meet UP event.

Through the precise and trendy information that we give you and networking group with CEOs in blockchain field,
you can enlarge your blockchain based business.

Exactly 50 CEOs only.

*Detailed schedule*

1) Event Date : 2018. 05. 09 Wed 17:00
2) Venue : Ramada Seoul Sindorim 3rd floor, Banquet hall
3) participant number : 50 (Pre-reserved only)
4) Fee : 50,000 Won, Dinner and small gift.
5) Kakao PlusFriend : PAYANPAY ASIA

6) Application link :