제목 3rd time of Future Job Report, Cho Yeon Sim & Kim Tae Jin’s 300 project

Future Job Report Seoson 6,
Sponsored by PAYANPAY and Lowndree and
Hosted by Personal Branding Group MU,
Personal brand episode.

This gathering was the third book,
300 Project by Cho Yeon Sim & Kim Tae Jin

At this meeting,
there were discussions about not only finding one’s own interest but also finding ways to create new opportunities such as employment, lecture and books.

Story of people who make their own path through 300 Project
- Read 100 books, interview 100 people and write 100 columns

300 Project, PAYANPAY is very curious about what stories it contains!

PAYANPAY supports 3nights 4days travel & lodging voucher to the outstanding participant of this meeting

We are looking forward to see who gets to be the outstanding participant and travel Thailand!

PAYANPAY always supports you who participate to book club
with clear mind to prepare your future despite the early time in every Thursday morning!