제목 Women’s self-esteem UP project, meeting with writer Nam In Sook.

Sponsored by PAYANPAY and Lowndree,
Conducted by Personal Branding Group MU,
and Hosted by Seoul Cuulture Promotion Agency,

3rd project of Women’s self-esteem UP project,
meeting with writer Nam In Sook was held.

Returning with her new book,
‘Woman’s whole life starts with self-esteem’,
President of Women, Nam In Sook.

The event was held at a beautiful café.

The event started with cheerful hosting of writer Kim Jin Hyang.

Lecture of Nam In Sook writer started with the story of self-esteem of adults that increases qualify of life.

She said that “the psychological theory that ‘self-esteem forms by upbringing environment of very young stage,
which means it forms by the parents’ is consequential and it doesn’t solve the status quo”

and that she would rather talk about the ‘solution’, how could we live with better self-esteem’.

She stressed that ‘external factor’,
Changing external physical factors such as friends, family, looking, strength, and small challenges

is an important factor of changing into healthier inner side.

After the lecture,
Q&A section that readers ask questions and talk about themselves was held.

Along the story sharing,
some eyes turned red and some were smiling happily as if they were moved.

It was a moment that each other, writer and the reader’s heart connected.

After the healing of heart,

We had profile picture taking time at photographer Lee Jun Ho.

It was a time to boost self-esteem with taking pictures.
The fans of writer were all very beautiful. ‘

The heroine of this lecture, writer Nam In Sook,
Host of this lecture, writer Kim Jin Hyang
CEO of Personal Branding Group MU, who hosted this event, Cho Yeon Sim

These three also took this beautiful and professional profile picture.

From the great lecture of writer Nam In Sook to profile picture that boosts self-esteem,
it was a project that everyone was happy and satisfied.

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