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제목 Asking blockchain about the future of job

Asking blockchain about the future of job

- “Chance to spread real value of blockchain that has been covered by controversy over cryptocurrency.” 
A new intellectual communication show ‘what’s up’,
visiting blockchain experts to ask and listen to the answer about the world that is going to change through blockchain – is launching.

This event, hosted by The brand MU (CEO CHO YEUN SIM) and conducted by global creative training center, is starting with Kim Hyung Ju,
chairman of Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association, and followed by Jin Dae Jae, director of Korea Blockchain Association,
Park Soo Yong, manager of Seogang Intelligent blockchain research center, Par Sung Jun, manager of DongKuk Blockchain research center,
Bae Ki Seung, director of Korea Internet Promotion center, Jeon Soo Young, CEO of Bithumb, Kim Jin Hwa, founder of Cobi, Kim Seo Jun,
CEO of Hashed Blockchain Start  up, Ryu Do Hyun, CEO of PAYANPAY, and Frédéric Montagnon, CEO of LEGOLAS EXCHANGE as interviewees.

Global creative training center, which planned this event said,
“we started this project from the question if implementation of blockchain can secure the unstable future of job”
and “We hope young people can get help preparing their future through this interview.” explaining the backstory of the project.
For this, 7 common questions will be given such as ‘Signification of implementation of Blockchain’, ‘Relation between blockchain and the future of job’
and ‘The effect blockchain could have on Education and Training’ and will be answered.
15-minute video clips made through interviews will be opened through YouTube, and detailed interview will be published through separate article for audiences.

CEO of PAYANPAY, Ryu Do Hyun, who sponsored this event stated,
“The thought of blockchain being missed due to continued controversy over cryptocurrency has occurred”
and “I hope great value that blockchain possesses pass on to many people.”
Global creative training center is a non-profit government that has around 5000 members
and supporting young generation to find their dream and turn that dream into real life, with projects such as 300project.

Source : MoneyToday The reader reporter Park Young Bok
Date : 2018-01-16
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