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제목 “EU JUN SEON, CEO of Coinplug, “Real economy to digital economy… Need to change to survive.”

“EU JUN SEON, CEO of Coinplug, “Real economy to digital economy…

Need to change to survive.”

-separating blockchain with cryptocurrency, harms its value.       

A new intellectual communication show ‘what’s up’, visiting blockchain experts to ask
and listen to the answer about the world that is going to change through blockchain – 8th episode is up.

Hosted by hosted by The brand MU, conducted by global creative training center, and sponsored by PAYANPAY and 300 Project,
what’s up - ask blockchain about the future of job, 8th interview is with Eu Jun Seon,

CEO of Coinplug, CEO EU, in the interview with Kim Ju Ri, manager of thinking lab,

said that “if blockchain is implemented, an ecosystem totally different from economic situation earlier will be created.”

and “It could be a great threat for those who are comfortable with real economy.” He stressed.
Also, “Information and power will be in decentralized form” and thus,

“Means and directions of education and training should change.” he said.

He continued, “Education process should be arranged to help think and find answer about how to do financial activities in the changed environment.”
CEO EU gave an advice, saying “An economic ecosystem made by blockchain is never been experienced by anyone,
so in a way, a fair opportunity for everyone is given.” And “that is why I think anyone can get a great opportunity if they have a passion for that.”

An official of global creative training center, which planned this event said,

“we started this project from the question if implementation of blockchain can secure the unstable future of job”

and “We hope young people can get help preparing their future through this interview.”
A 15 minutes video made through interview will be uploaded on YouTube channel ‘The brand MU’

and the whole script of interview will be up on Naver Café ‘300project’.

‘Asking blockchain about future of job’ project started with Kim Hyung Ju as first interviewee,

and Park Seong Ju Blockchain research center manager, Park Soo Young,

Seogang University Intelligent blockchain research center manager,

Ryu Do Hyun, CEO of PAYANPAY, and Frederic Montagnon, CEO of Legolas Exchange is coming up.

Global creative training center is a non-profit government that has around 5000 members

and supporting young generation to find their dream and turn that dream into real life, with projects such as 300project.

Source : Moneytoday The reader reporter Park Young Bok
Date : 2018-3-5 
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