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제목 Kim Chang In, CFO of PAYANPAY Co., LTD, “Keywords of EXVA ···.

Kim Chang In, CFO of PAYANPAY Co., LTD,

“Keywords of EXVA are stability, transparency, and reliability.”

Q. Foundation process of EXVA and the ultimate goal?

EXVA stated with a group of developers making a usable payment based on Ethereum.
Now, many people talk about payment, but there were not much of talks about payment-based coin then.
It was called REX project, and through many phases, current version of EXVA was made.
Also, we are aiming for building a rational and fair system that can benefit both sellers who are complaining of damage due to reckless cancellation on reservation
and buyers who are complaining of paying different amount for using the same service according to the different payment.

Q. EXVA is produced based on Ethereum/Eos platform.
Basically, it’s a travel payment platform, but it doesn’t seem faster than other project in perspective of speed (tps).
How do you solve the problem of price variability after the payment?
Also, it seems difficult to build your own position later using all 2 platform…
Would it function only as DApp or do you have a plan for main-net?

First, our fundamental goal is not just travel payment platform.
However, the first service we started is travel payment service, and we thought it is right for payment to be a specialized system in one area,
that is why it is a coin focused on payment related to travel payment overseas. About speed, many other projects seem the same.

In case of new projects, most of them try to prove that they are faster than Ethereum or Eos, on the other hand,
major platforms such as Ethereum may be okay to say that they are proven for their stability.
Many other companies emphasize on speed in transaction, but the things that should be prioritized than speed are ‘stability’,
‘transparency’, and especially, ‘reliability’ that would prove those two. The reason why reverted to token form from main-net is because of that.
The reason why we proceed with 2 position is because currently, those two projects are updating each other’s technique in rivalry.

Currently, they have their relatively weak points, Ethereum in speed and Eos in stability.
Thus, we proceed Ethereum based token, which is verified in stability first, and to make a change according to verified situation or update status afterwards,
we are proceeding with mixed use development.
We have a plan to proceed main-net if payment becomes more powerful and the transaction volume becomes more active in real-life rather than transactions in exchange.

Q. If so, what can people get with EXVA POINT except for airline ticket and lodgment reservation?
Especially, you said that EXVA supports to use the service by converting online game money to EXVA,
which game are you aligned with, currently?

The token earned by EXVA POINT cannot be used in exchange, it must be used in actual usage, that is,
it can be re-used except for airline tickets or lodgment
but cash item of games and more. Also, it can later be used in all areas that EXVA supports (including EXVA PAY). Another important thing is funding using this token.
Using the token, users can develop the game they want by paying token to the game project they want and make virtuous cycle of sharing the profit out of it.
Also, the benefits are that developer companies can proceed custom ICO using the token and they can secure real users who paid in development.
EXVA is trying to flow in young users like 10s and 20s to blockchain through game, and if this goal of ours succeeds,
we expect that it could lead to enlargement of base of blockchain market.

Q. EXVA PAY is a mobile payment system.
How far did app development come and if completed, when do you plan to commercialize it in real life?
(specifically, numbers of affiliated stores, payment system, willing to provide own card?
Also, what are the solutions for price fluctuation when purchasing?)

Basic structure of EXVA PAY is completed. We are in making of source code and API with existing blockchain based on the structure.
Basic plan is to launch test version in March 2019 if fast. If it goes with the plan, the time payment can be made with EXVA PAY in real life would be middle of next year.
Also, the matters such as affiliated stores you mentioned are complicated to talk specifically through paper since there are legal matters related.
However, we can say for sure that it is our goal to produce it to be one of the main payments used generally such as card or XXPAY.

Q. What would you say for the ending?

From the year 2016, we pointed out that the problems of current blockchain market are speculation and restricted information and we’ve done man6y activities to overcome them.
We especially emphasized that models with are not usable for real life or those with non-nonspecialized business model are meaningless.
That is, we pointed out the importance of business whitepaper rather than technical whitepaper even when the tokens based on major platform coins such as Ethereum,
Eos, Quantum and Neo. At that time, our opinion would be buried under the ground. However, after 2 years, our opinion is now recognized generally.

Problem of blockchain now is application in business.
For an example, blockchain related to copyrights, which I hear a lot, has been pouring out to the market but there are rare cases of actual application.
That is because they ignored existing industry too much.
On the other hand, the reason why Fintech, which had way less fund than blockchain, is changing the existing structure is because it proceeded linkage with existing industry.
I think blockchain also has to proceed link with existing industry. We also expect cultural climate for investors of blockchain related cryptocurrency to look at the long term
not only for the price increase for the coin but also for the success for the project- to settle in domestic blockchain industry.

Source : Finance today, reporter Oh Ha Young
Date : 2018-11-02