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제목 Aiming for blockchain based cryptocurrency commercialization and standardization of data use.

Aiming for blockchain based cryptocurrency commercialization

and standardization of data use.

Right before the 4th industry revolution era featuring hyper linkage and hyper intelligence, cryptocurrency based on high-tech ICT technology is a hot potato.
In this situation, PAYANPAY ASIA (CEO Ryu Do Hyun) is getting high attentions from international and domestic cryptocurrency field.

CEO Ryu Do Hyun started blockchain project from 2015 and completed cryptocurrency development and mining test, then founded this company in 2017.

PAYANPAY is not for speculation purpose but is supporting blockchain for payment and transaction,

and it provides digital cryptocurrency ‘EXVA ETHEREUM’ platform composed with Esreum based blockchain 2.0.

EXVA Coin Network is operated with public key and encryption through double algorithm blockchain,

and since it creates a block every 15 seconds, it is easy to mine and very applicable, and is convenient for transaction and payment.

EXVA Coin Wallet has confidential information and has excellent anonymity and transparency, so it is impossible for forgery,

which means it can be used for safe transaction in general mall, not closed mall, with small settlement agency service fee.

PAYANPAY plans to commercialize and expand the use of blockchain based cryptocurrency

and standardize data use through blockchain by having alliance with many platforms with high credibility.

To actualize this, they plan to improve small business and stores which are difficult to collect

and use big data to data market so that they can have systematic business plan through blockchain.

CEO Ryu who tries to build the 3rd payment system that is convenient than cash and safer than card,

stated “I will strive to research blockchain while ameliorating social recognition trapped in to ‘blockchain is cryptocurrency’

and improving wrongful selling method, and spreading positive value about blockchain technology that will be the great future industry.”

Source : Sports Seoul
Date : 2018-02-05
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