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제목 Kim Nam Hyung, professor of Kyewon Art school, “'Learning by doing'···.

Kim Nam Hyung, professor of Kyewon Art school,

“’Learning by doing’, need to have various blockchain related experience.”

- More than 80% business model that will be replaced by blockchain, “Form of labor will have a massive change”      

A new intellectual communication show ‘what’s up’,
visiting blockchain experts to ask and listen to the answer about the world that is going to change through blockchain
- fifth episode is up.

Hosted by hosted by The brand MU, conducted by global creative training center, and sponsored by PAYANPAY and 300 Project,
what’s up - ask blockchain about the future of job, fifth interview is with Kim Nam Hyung, Professor of KyeWon art school.
Professor Kim said, through the interview, “Rather than just learning the theory, people should learn what blockchain is through “learning by doing” experience.”
He also gave an advice, saying “It is the best to not speculate,
but trade cryptocurrency even just for 10000won and experience what blockchain is and on what process it works,
and solve problems one by one when have curiosity.”

Also, he predicted that “There will be more than 80% of business that will be replaced by blockchain.”
And “New jobs that requires blockchain technology will be created, but job of middleman and the idea of working 9 to 6 at designated space will be changed.”

Professor Kim said that, to adjust to this flow, “We need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of past business models,
based on the historical insight and intellectual refinement, and get wisdom to move forward.”

Global creative training center, which planned this event said,
“We started this project from the question if implementation of blockchain can secure the unstable future of job”
and “We hope that young people can get help preparing their future through this interview.”

A 15 minutes video made through interview will be uploaded on YouTube channel ‘The brand MU’
and the whole script of interview will be up on Naver Café ‘300project’.
‘Asking blockchain about future of job’ project started with Kim Hyung Ju as first interviewee,
and Park Seong Ju Blockchain research center manager, Park Soo Young,
Seogang University Intelligent blockchain research center manager,

Ryu Do Hyun, CEO of PAYANPAY, and Frederic Montagnon, CEO of Legolas Exchange is coming up.

Global creative training center is a non-profit government that has around 5000 members
and supporting young generation to find their dream and turn that dream into real life, with projects such as 300project.

Source :  Moneytoday The reader reporter Park Young Bok
Date : 2018-02-07
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