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제목 2018 Global Meet-up, ‘Blockchain network with Vuulr’ open

2018 Global Meet-up,

‘Blockchain network with Vuulr’ open

  ▲ (From the lest) Hwang Sung Jin, CEO of Share & care , (skip one person)Kim Ju Ri, director of Thinking Lab,
     Hong Mi Yeon Marketing Director of Vuulr, Seo Sang Jae, CEo of PAYX foundation, Cho Yeon Sim, CEO of The brand MU

- expect to have positive effect on copyrights market 


2019 Global meet-up ‘Blockchain network with Vuulr’ which was hosted by PAYX and conducted by The brand MU, was ran on last April 27th.

At the event, many officials including PAYX foundation CEO Seo Sang Jae, PAYANPAY CEO Ryu Do Hyun, Marketing director of Vuulr,
Hong Mi Yeon, Share & care CEO Hwang Seong Jin, and The brand MU CEO Cho Yeon Sim.

The participants introduced about the vision of blockchain ecosystem they want to build and shared the ideas on how to appeal them in Korean market.
Also, there was an active discussion on how to make synergy by interaction between projects. 

Hong Mi Yeon marketing director of Vuulr, who visited Korea for this event, said
“Korea is a very good environment which has high interest in blockchain and highly developed media contents”
and “We hope our projects to be loved by many Koreans.”

Vuulr is a company distributing media contents based on blockchain and is trying to build system for smooth trade of copyrights,
aiming for copyrights protection and larger compensation for copyrights holder.

CEO of PAYX, Seo Sang Jae spoke the reason for holding this event, saying
“We are putting various efforts for improvement on blockchain and commercialization of cryptocurrency”
and “We thought this event could be a chance to show blockchain has came much closer to our life to the audience.”

The brand MU (CEO: Cho Yeon Sim), which conducted this event, said “We hope this event to be a catalyst for improvement of Korean blockchain business”
and “We expect it to be an opportunity for global blockchain business companies to come to Korea and for various blockchain projects conducted in Korea to be more active.”

Also, this event was sponsored by MoneyToday the leader and PAYANPAY.

Surce : MoneyToday the leader reporter Park Young Bok
Date : 2018-05-02
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