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제목 2017 ThanksUN2300 Online Memorial Flash mob

2017 ThanksUN2300 Online Memorial Flash mob


‘ThanksUN2300’ Online memorial flash mob event, which is 4th event for this year, is held for 10days from 11th to 20th this month.

This event, hosted by Global creative training center, and co-conducted by Headquarters of Earth Environmental Movement Federation and MU Co.,

LTD, is planned for 2300 young people who live in 2017 to remember and cherish 2,300 UN soldiers who perished in battle of Korean War. 

Cho Yeon Sim, CEO of MU who co-conducted this event stated “In the era where everything is connected with internet,

we hope it to be a chance for young people to remember the pain of war and to ruminate the value of peace and sacrifice through online memorial.”

For this year, National success era Co., Industry ITC Convergence Association, Smart Angels, CTS Christian TV, 300 project, PAYANPAY,

Isabel middle school, Incheon Hi-tech high school, See academia, Koinonia, Monthly Sungha, Daily care brand, SNC Lab Co., LTD,

and Kim Jin Hyang Education-Culture research center are sponsoring this event.

Yun Moon Sang, vice president of CTS Christian TV, said that “Since this campaign is conducted online,

we hope it goes worldwide over Korean young people’s participation.”

and “I expect this campaign to be a place for live historical education for all the young people in this time.”.

Ryu Do Hyun, CEO of Payanpay, said “It’s more meaningful since it is not held by politician or the country, but by civil, young people.”

And “We should not forget that the reason why we can have the peace and freedom of this day is because of young people in 1950.”

Also, he continued “I hope more companies and individuals to participate in these meaningful events.”

To participate, ▲Visit UN Memorial Cemetery homepage ▲select Korean ▲ leave online floral tribute and memorial writing for today’s soldier

▲leave proof shot with hand writing on personal Facebook timeline ▲ pick five friends and continue online memorial relay

▲Leave proof shot with handwriting in it on Facebook public group.

Source : NewsTown Jung Sung Hwan reporter
Date : 2017-11-15