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제목 EXVA, the goal is to build reasonable system which can promote fair interest.

EXVA, the goal is to build reasonable system which can promote fair interest.

Aims to build reasonable system.

EXVA started from a question of ‘is it not possible to complement the flaws of blockchain ecosystem and change the market situation of focusing on speculation
and make a blockchain model which can actually be used for payment?’.
It is aiming for building reasonable system which everyone can be fair by mediating sales part,
which are suffering from reckless cancellation of reservation and the purchase part,
which is paying different fees for the same service according to the available payment method.
Especially, EXVA has its meaning at building EXVA platform based on this system or building payment service through EXVA token.
Also, with opening service related to purchasing airline ticket and hotel reservation, it is structuring its system to enable fast, accurate,
and efficient payment for both merchants and buyers. It already supports 4 airlines and accommodation reservation in Thai using EXVA TRAVI.
EXVA TRAVI is composed with blockchain. Thus, data cancellation or forgery can’t happen,
which makes sales party to provide products without worrying the risk of No-Show or cancellation,
which leads to providing products in lower price. Purchasing party can have less risk of price increasing right before payment due to delay on payment
and can compare price with other people since the purchase record stays.
It means that people can see how many people are using that airline or accommodation based on the real time data.
Not only that, the existing system has the inconvenience of not allowing cross-use or has limitation in use of millage or points,
but when using EXVA system made with blockchain, there is no limitation in using and any participants can use it.

Payment method focusing on transparency of Blockchain

We need to focus more on the fact that payment method of EXVA is blockchain. The biggest advantage of blockchain is that it is a transparent platform everyone can trust.
After the launch of smartphone, the world is growing and changing in fast speed.
Smartphone, which is distributed faster than any other fruit of culture, changed the field of information from collecting to manufacturing,
and is changing payment field into approval of few to approval of majority.
That is, payment which was operated exclusively, is changing more open and transparent since its public property meaning gets stronger.
BITCOIN PROJECT, which rose in this time of change, developed into many different projects such as ETHEREUM and REPLE over the 10 years.  
However, most of the projects, except for few major projects stops developing due to many factors, or even when they sustain,
they only get attentions as the means for speculation and storage for value.
In this moment, entrance of EXVA which integrated advantage of blockchain and the function of usable currency increased the attention
from the field about the fact that in can be used for not only reservation for airline and hotel, but that it can be applied to system for all the fields. 

All the services are based on EXVA system

All the services using EXVA, that is, all the basic system is developing EXVA system as the base, and EXVA COIN is used to use that service.
EXVA TRAVL. An airline and accommodation reservation system using EXVA, and existing users can use the service without signing up,
and new users must go through signing up. Also, all the payments can be made with EXVA Coin.
Currently, it is operated through separate homepage, and the services will expand through having alliance with major travel agencies later.

EXVA Leisure

EXVA POINT or EXVA has the goal of providing almost every service online. 
That is, enabling users to enjoy more various travel culture through EXVA Travel as a service to enjoy cultures with cultural, regional and ethnic features. 
Especially, to promote young generations from teen to 30s, it supports conversion game money of affiliate game into EXVA and use them for EXVA’s other services.

‘EXVA CFS’ (EXVA Crowd funding)

A service objects to raise fund for developing online service in EXVA system. 
That is, it is a service which its main object is to develop online game based on EXVA and to re-distribute the profit from game.
It can expect profits from many areas such as copyrights for game videos, streaming service, etc.,
and can be applied to various areas such as online development and investment and donation of social corporates.

EXVA SBS (EXVA Smaller Businesses Syndicate)

A group of small businesses linked by EXVA system, a supply chain service that enables buyers to purchase product of small business cheap
through EXVA and merchants to sell with reducing cost for distribution, advertisement, and after-service.


A mobile payment system of EXVA. An easy payment system even for general stores through blockchain APP.
It is a system especially for users in china or else, where payment through an app is active than Korea,
to easily buy product of all category including jewelry and K-wave product in Jeju, Myeongdong, Jongro, etc.

Source : Financetoday reporter Oh Ha Young
Date : 2018-10-11