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제목 PAYANPAY ASIA CEO Ryu, appear on 'Kim Seng Min’s biz info show'

PAYANPAY ASIA CEO Ryu, appear on 'Kim Seng Min’s biz info show'

CEO Ryu introduced PAYANPAY as “a company mining EXVA Ethereum

and building platform to use that in real commercial transaction” on the show. 

He also said “PAYANPAY has completed structuring its own blockchain and is focusing on making e-commerce platform.”

and stressed the difference between other cryptocurrency companies, mentioning issuance of surety insurance and MOU with Thailand airline and hotels.

CEO Ryu continued saying, “Currently we are in the middle of compatibility testing and we think it would be able to commercialize it early next year.”, showing confidence.

CEO Ryu is known to proceeding various projects to change the wrong social recognition of cryptocurrency that is lying under they society.

He explained the reason, saying “It is great to be invested with great money but I am proceeding various projects to bring awareness of true value of blockchain

and to make healthy investment culture about cryptocurrency.”

PAYANPAY is sponsoring projects with brand management company ‘MU’ (CEO: Jo Yeon Sim) such as ‘Future Job Report season 5’

and ‘Blockchain Contents Marketing School’ for people who want to study about future society and to know the true value of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

He also produced and opened YouTube channel ‘Cracking blockchain up’ to make anyone to easily approach to cryptocurrency.

Details can be seen on Moneytoday TV MTN on January 5th 8pm and 6th 3pm.

Source : Nextdaily reporter Jung Jae Hoon (

Date : 2018-01-03

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