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제목 PAYANPAY, ′EXVA COIN meetup′ ends successfully

                                PAYANPAY, ′EXVA COIN meetup′ ends successfully

EXVA COIN meetup held by Cryptocurrency service company PAYANPAY ended in great success

At this event, more than 100 investors who are interested in EXVA COIN gathered, and announcements such as current business status,
EXVA TRAVEL launching, and airdrop plans were made.

CEO of PAYANPAY, Ryu Do Hyun,
said “We are trying for EXVA COIN to be used in real life not only for Thai airline tickets and lodgment reservation but also in more various fields”
he also stressed that “Especially, with security being very important factor, we are strengthening it.”

Source : Edaily Kim Tae Hwan reporter
Date : 2018-06-27