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제목 Pay with EXVA ETHEREUM and travel Thai land!

                                  Pay with EXVA ETHEREUM and travel Thai land!


- OPENBETA service from March 31th to late May

PAYANPAY ASIA (CEO: Ryu Do Hyun) is building and opening ‘EXVA TRAVEL’ a homepage for Thailand airline ticket
and lodgment which can be paid with cryptocurrency EXVA ETHEREUM.
‘EXVA TRAVEL’ is starting open beta service for existing customers on upcoming March 31th.

After that, PAYANPAY will proceed server synchronization and stabilizing for 10days, and proceed open bets service until late May.
Air routes that can be purchased in homepage are ‘Bangkok – Incheon’, ‘Bangkok – Hanoi’, ‘Bangkok – Beijing’, ‘Bangkok – Tokyo (Narita)’.
Also, vouchers for all the hotels and pool villa and private pool villa in Thailand can also be purchased.

Ryu Do Hyun, CEO of PAYANPAY said “We are now providing services limited to Thai air routes, hotel and pool villa, but we are planning to provide other deals shortly.”
and  “We hope it could be a good news for customers who only invested in cryptocurrency but  do not have experience of real use”.

He also said that “I hope cryptocurrency to be used not only for function as storage for financial value but also as actually payable ‘currency’.” and “hope ‘EXVA TRAVEL’ to be a start of it.”
To celebrate open beta service of ‘EXVA TRAVEL’ homepage, “Let’s go, buddy” event is open.

It’s a draw event to give out Thailand airline ticket and hotel voucher for customers who went Thailand travel through homepage from April 10th to March 10th.
Details can be checked at Kakao talk Plus friend ‘PAYANPAY ASIA”.
Also, in ‘EXVA TRAVEL’, $5 is paid per 1EXVA ETHEREUM, and before it is listed on exchange on April, EXVA ETHEREUM can be purchased from PAYANPAY ASIA,
and after late April, it can be traded through domestic exchange.

Source : Edaily tv reporter
Date : 2018-03-27
Link :