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Media Report

제목 [Coin vs Coin] Over Ethereum…Aragon coin vs EOST

[Coin vs Coin] Over Ethereum…Aragon coin vs EOST

Looking into the world of coin through 5 pentagon graphs. 1:1 coin analyze briefing show~ Coin vs Coin

Major topic nowadays is the Transaction speed issue of Ethereum.
There are new tokens or coins that are trying to solve the problem, occurred from massive transaction volume on main blockchain on Ethereum,
which happened by so-called Cryptokitties issue introduced earlier.

A coin to introduce today is also started from this problem, ‘EOST’ and a coin dreaming of borderless country, ‘Aragon’

Ryu do Hyun’s Coin vs Coin is aired on every Monday/Thursday 3:50 PM and can be replayed on Edaily TV homepage, YouTube and Facebook.

Source : Edaily Lee Sun Mi PD
Date : 2018-06-25