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제목 PAYANPAY-Coin bridge (PAYX) MOU


Removed obstructive factor for cryptocurrency commercialization… action for user convenience

- expect it to be a start for antedating cryptocurrency commercialization.

PAYANPAY, a blockchain platform company and Coin Bridge (PAYX), a blockchain start-up conducted MOU on last April 10th. 

The essential is to mount EXVA COIN of PAYANPAY to PAYX, an on/offline blockchain payment platform, to use it on wallet.

Coin Bridge PAYX platform (hereinafter ‘PAYX’) is a payment system made to use both lawful money (legal tender) and cryptocurrency for product payment.

To solve the problem of cryptocurrency not being usable for trade means due to frequent price fluctuation of it, they developed ‘Price determination algorithm’

and are developing and operating a payment platform for merchant to securely receive the determined price.

Seo Sang Jae, CEO of PAYX said

“until now, cryptocurrency could not be used much for real payment since there are many users who feel uncomfortable for cryptocurrency trading”

and “We are developing and operating many factors considering link between cryptocurrencies and user convenience.”

Also, “PAYANPAY is a company which already accomplished payment commercialization, so we think the two companies can make great synergy.” He said.

EXVA COIN is known as cryptocurrency specialized for actual trade.

By implementing Ripple’s single core method for payment method, it set its competitive edge in security, stability and speed.

Also, EXVA COIN is now used for payment means for airline ticket of 4 countries connecting Thailand and lodgment payment through EXVA TRAVEL.

Ryu Do Hyun, CEO of PAYANPAY stated, “I think MOU with PAYX, conducted before listing on 3 exchanges on June and July starting from K exchange on May 31th,

will be a good foundation for EXVA COIN to be used as real payment method.”

and “We will try our best to create the environment where more users could easily use cryptocurrency anywhere in short times.” 

Source : MoneyToday The reader Park Young Bok reporter

Date : 2018.04.27   

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