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Media Report

제목 PAYANPAY, hosts EXVA COIN Meet up


-Time to listen to current state and vision of EXVA COIN

-CEO Ryu, “New issues such as system transition and reveal of partnership will be announced”

[Edaily Lee Sun Mi PD] PAYANPAY (CEO : Ryu Do Hyun) is hosting EXVA COIN meetup event at Saebit island on upcoming 26th 5pm.

This event will be in order of Pre-event performance, PAYANPAY introduction and business current condition by CEO Ryu Do Hyun,

notice of EXVA TRAVEL launching, and notice for system transition and airdrop, with 100 invited guests.

This meet up attracts attention because major plans such as reveal of newly conducted partnership, airdrop plans and system transitions will be announced.

CEO Ryu said, “This event is a flare of global meet up leading to Japan, China, Thailand and America”

and “We set this meet up to provide enough information about EXVA COIN and to announce road map.”

CEO Ryu Continued, saying “We are planning on proceeding talk show for those who have questions after the presentation”

and “We will try to solve curiosity on commercialization of blockchain and coin”. This event will be broadcasted live on Kakao TV.

Source : Edaily Lee Sun Mi PD

Date : 2018-06-25 

Link :!habitgrace1